Supplier Qualification

To fully qualify a supplier, a visit to the supplier production site in China is the only reliable way to truly know its capabilities and processes. However, to accomplish this, requires expensive travel cost and usually there exists a language barrier. Dawar International handles the supplier qualification for you. We can visit the suppliers and collect all the necessary information for you before you make a decision on which supplier to use. We will check the factory organization, its process flows, the quality of goods produced, the packaging, the workers' training level, the overall working conditions, equipment maintenance, etc. We are also able to verify the compliance with ISO quality principles and make recommendations on which supplier will best fit your requirements.

Supplier Qualification Process:

  1. You provide us with the list of requirements or criteria you want to check with the suppliers.
  2. We will prepare the Supplier Qualification report. The Supplier Qualification report will give you an indication of how the companies are managed. From there, you can better decide to make your own trip to conduct a physical, real audit or not.